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You are responsible for the corporate web. You are very aware that your corporate web is not what it ought to be:

  • Internal stakeholders are fighting about who makes decisions over web and intranet functionality.
  • The corporate web team wants the web to get better but they're “stuck” (no power, no money, no staff).
  • You’ve redesigned the site. 
  • You’ve tried social. 
  • You’ve implemented more sophisticated infrastructure technology. 

And, the web just keeps getting bigger (but not better).

We help organizations move their online efforts to the next level by taking their web teams to the next level. Our consulting focus is digital governance. That means we design a way for your digital team to collaborate more effectively. We help you:

  • Stop internal debates about web site “ownership.”
  • Write your web budget and right-size your web team.
  • Design your organizational digital team – what gets done centrally and what is decentralized.

How we work together:

Digital Governance Framework

In this engagement, WelchmanPierpoint works through a discovery process with your team to learn about your digital strategy and the existing dynamics of your digital team. We also analyze your documented digital policy and standards.

We use this information to craft a digital governance framework aimed at streamlining and optimizing digital development. A digital governance framework clearly expresses accountability for establishing digital strategy, policy and standards. It also details roles and responsibilities for, and the structure and placement of, your organization’s digital team.

Digital Governance Workshop

Who in your organization gets to make the big decisions about your website? Multiple departments trying to control what goes on the site and conflicting ideas about the site's purpose are a common recipe for heartache, frustration, wasted opportunities, and worst of all, a confusing digital presence.

In a day-long onsite workshop, WelchmanPierpoint will explain how to create a web governance framework for your organization.  Workshop topics will cover:

  • an overview of digital governance;
  • the structure roles, and responsibilities of your core and distributed digital team; and,
  • how to clarify decision-making for digital strategy, policy and standards.

Workshop participants will be left with a clear understanding of the components of digital governance and a sketch of their own organizational digital governance framework.

Web Community of Practice Support 

A key component of maintaining sound digital governance is the establishment of strong internal communications and collaboration channels related to digital issues and initiatives. Often organizations have created various working groups and steering committees to address these concerns—but sometime these teams fail to move the digital governance agenda forward.

We can help.

We can support your team by inaugurating a web or digital-focused working group or steering committee or by helping you re-invigorate a group that might be dormant or ineffective. We’ll help you define your group’s goals and objectives and then run your meeting remotely—defining the agenda, challenging the team to make crucial decisions, and to have the tough conversations.

We can also provide access to some of the best minds in the industry for training and education on digital topics. We’ll teach you how to better collaborate—until you’re ready to do it on your own.

It's fixable. We can help you. Call us +1 410 377 3012 or contact us.

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2013 Services Sheet

Need more information to help sell a digital governance project into your organization? Download our services sheet which describes our core engagements and pricing.