We take your privacy seriously.  

Personal information you provide us.  Currently, the only private information we collect directly from you on our Web site is First Name, Last Name, Organization, and E-mail address.  We ask for this information when signing up for our monthly e-mail communication and/or using the contact us form.   If you ask to receive our e-mail communications, we use this information for the delivery and tracking of the e-mails, and do not rent, sell or share this information with anyone aside from our e-mail infrastructure provider (who only uses it for the delivery of our e-mails).  If you use our Contact Us form, we use the collected information to get back in touch with you.  

Usage tracking.  In an effort to improve the effectiveness of our Web site, e-mail, and RSS feeds, we track the usage of these services. To do so, we store your IP address and information about your Web browser (including language and browser type), operating system, URL requested, and time of request when you visit our Web site. In addition, we do store cookies on your browser (you can also disable this in your browser) to help gauge visit patterns for our Web site.  For our e-mail communications, we also embed tracking code in order to determine when they are viewed (if you allow images to be displayed in your e-mail client) and what links are clicked on from them.  For RSS feeds, we use a service that tracks which RSS readers (or resyndication services) are using our feeds, and also which items are clicked on from the feed.  

Future Services.  In the future, we may offer more services which may require collecting more information. If we do offer new services, this privacy policy (at will be updated.

Privacy policy last modified: 17 February 2010

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