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The Digital Deca: 10 Management Truths for the Web Age eBook

Lisa Welchman takes a fun look at how negative and positive organizational dynamics manifest on the Web in this eBook. She explores the 10 management truths organizations must understand and implement when retooling to be effective online and remain relevant in the information–driven 21st century.


April 27, 2010: Joint Webinar with Avectra

Lisa Welchman Presents:
Webinar: Whose Web Site is it Anyway?

April 27, 2010: Government and New Media Conference

Intranet Policy

In the March/April 2010 issue of Intranets, Lisa Welchman discusses the importance of evaluating corporate policy in light of the Web and intranet.


Characteristics of Productive Standards Teams

I spent most of last month in meetings with Web standards teams as they debated and hammered out drafts of Web standards related to social media, Web records management, 508 accessibility and more. And, while the topics may not sound particularly exciting, the discussions were animated and interesting and the meetings proved productive. I credit the makeup and structure of the teams for that.

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3 Must-Do's for Agencies to Improve Citizen Engagement

This Federal Computing Week article (2/5/2010) quotes Lisa Welchman on the role of policy-setting and standards-creation bodies in facilitating increased collaboration.


March 30, 2010: The Potomac Forum; Washington, DC


Enabling the Web Team Enables Business

I'm a sucker for "best of" and "top 10" lists. I enjoy them for the kernels of knowledge that I can file away for future reference. You never know when practical tidbits like, the Top 10 Herbivores You Probably Want to Avoid, may come in handy. 

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