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September 16, 2010: Washington, D.C.

Federal Register 2.0 is the Real Deal

To anyone who thought government is too big, too set in its ways to truly embrace Web 2.0, I say, "phooey."

On July 26, just in time for it's 75th anniversary, the Office of the Federal Register rolled out Federal Register 2.0. Perhaps the "2.0" name isn't all that innovative, but the site itself is a fantastic example of what happens when agencies collaborate, citizens are engaged and Web standards are enforced.

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The Gov 2.0 Conundrum

Without a doubt, there's a lot to be gained when government leverages Web 2.0 tools to provide better communications and service. But for every success story there seems to be an equal number of roadblocks preventing public servants from venturing into Gov 2.0.

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Web Governance is not for Weenies

I had a great time giving a workshop on Web Governance in the Federal sector earlier this week. It's always rewarding to spend a day sharing best practices and lessons learned with Web managers and this workshop was an especially good one. We got to roll up our sleeves, pull apart some Web governance models, and discuss what works and what doesn't. At the end of the day, the group confirmed two things: 1) just about everyone is messed up when it comes to managing the Web and 2) Web governance isn't easy.

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