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Which Type of Web Council is Right for Your Organization?

If it's on your to-do list to establish a Web Council in your organization or even revive a council that once met long ago, check out Lisa Welchman's latest recorded Webinar titled "Establishing a Web Council." It was a very popular webinar topic-- generating over 100 attendees and a myriad of questions from participants who want to establish a Web council, leverage an existing committee or revive a council from the past.

In the Webinar, Lisa details the three types of Web councils:

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2011: The Year of Web Governance

Six years ago when I searched for “Web governance” on the World Wide Web, I got next to nothing. Today, it’s a different story. If you search for “Web governance,” you get all sorts of links-- some relate to governance of the World Wide Web, some to governance of the Internet. There’s a lot about website and content governance, and some about the type of work I focus on-- which is corporate Web governance.

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December 01, 2010: Boston, MA

Lisa Welchman Discusses:
Adapting to the New World

Web Policy is a Corporate Governance Concern

Often when we help organizations establish web policy, the web team balks when we recommend they seek guidance from colleagues in legal or human resources (or some other “non-web” domain). We always push back. Web policy addresses (among other things) the mitigation of risk associated with operating online. And shaping effective web policy requires the experience and expertise of a diverse set of organizational domain experts—not just the web team.

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Standards Enable Collaboration

I gave a talk for STC France this morning in Paris. It was early but folks turned out and there was coffee and croissant and some good discussion. I was talking about The Digital Deca. The Digital Deca are ten management truths that I am putting forward for consideration—ten things that organizations need to be aware of in order to remain viable in a web-enabled world.

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