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May 09, 2012: Rosenfeld Media Workshop; Washington, DC

February 09, 2012: Webinar: Who Owns Your Website?

Lisa Welchman Presents:
Webinar: Who Owns Your Website?


January 19, 2012: Web Managers London Meet Up; London, UK

Lisa Welchman Presents:
Who Owns Your Website?

December 01, 2011: Gilbane; Boston, MA


On All the Different "Web Governances" in the Universe

Early this Fall I gave a talk at a Content Strategy Forum event in London. In the talk, I'm attempting to place content strategy within the context of Web Governance. I'm not sure I succeeded but I watched the video and though it was a pretty coherent expression of my current thought about web and digital governance. I hope it's useful and helpful.

September 05, 2011: The Content Strategy Forum; London, UK

Webinar: Establishing a Web Council

In this recorded Webinar, Lisa Welchman discusses the reasons why organizations establish Web councils as well as the different types of councils that can be established.


Which Type of Web Council is Right for Your Organization?

If it's on your to-do list to establish a Web Council in your organization or even revive a council that once met long ago, check out Lisa Welchman's latest recorded Webinar titled "Establishing a Web Council." It was a very popular webinar topic-- generating over 100 attendees and a myriad of questions from participants who want to establish a Web council, leverage an existing committee or revive a council from the past.

In the Webinar, Lisa details the three types of Web councils:

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July 14, 2011: Webinar: Empires, Confederations, and Federations: 3 Styles of Organizational Web Governance

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